The education system is robust and does not give much space for each student to reach their full potential, to express their creativity and to advance in the field they love most. School is not just a place where we acquire knowledge, it is a place where we find ourselves and our interests too. In this regard, we have provided various clubs, where in addition to learning new things, you can find lots of fun, recreational content and most importantly socializing. We have something for everyone, it is up to the students to choose what they like.

RP International Secondary School offers the following clubs: Bosnian for Beginners, Science Club, ICT Club, Art Club, Music Club and School Channel. Club time is after the end of classes. Clubs are selected at the beginning of the school year and are optional. Students may be members of more than one club if the timing does not overlap. Each club has a plan and program and rules of conduct. The students are committed to respecting them and striving to implement the activity plan.